Uranium Soda Studio

Uranium Soda is an independant studio based in Toulouse (France) and created in 2018 by Jules De Guglielmi and Romain Danos.

Making Video Games

22 rue des Troènes 31200 Toulouse

Member of association / organization: Toulouse Game Dev

Year of creation: 2018

Number of employees: Less than 10 employees

Prefered business model: Free, Subscription, Digital distribution, Other

Activity: Development

Category: Game PC, Game Mobile, Game Console, Game VR /Other

Main platform: PC

Prefered genres: Action, FPS/TPS/shoot’em up, Adventure, RPG, Arcade / 2D, Platformer, Strategy, Simulation, Sports/fighting, Racing/speedrun, Serious

Main projects

Supralympic Runners

Run & Survive, as far as you can

Upgrade your supralympic athlete


Jules De Guglielmi

Jules De Guglielmi

Romain Danos

Romain Danos

Graphic artist 2D/3D