ONITRON Studio is a company that designs, produces and publishes digital cultural products, and more specifically video games for the global market.

immersion, narration, gaming, emotion

Member of association / organization: SNJV, Capital Games

Year of creation: 2018

Number of employees: Less than 10 employees

Prefered business model: Premium, Digital distribution, Retail

Activity: Development

Category: Game PC, Game Console, Game VR /Other

Main platform: PC

Prefered genres: Action, FPS/TPS/shoot’em up, Adventure, Storytelling, RPG, VR/AR/XR

Main projects

Alterity Concept Art

Alterity Prototype Screenshot 01

Alterity Prototype Screenshot 02

Alterity Prototype Screenshot 03


Ludovic Grieco

Ludovic Grieco

Co-founder CEO/Art Director
Kevin Soulier

Kevin Soulier

Co-founder GM/Game Director