Ludoscience is a Research and Development laboratory devoted to the mutiple forms of videogames (serious game, casual game, art game, edugame, advergame, newsgame…).

Research, Video game, Serious Game, Gamification

Member of association / organization: N/A

Year of creation: 2010

Number of employees: Less than 10 employees

Prefered business model: Free, Free to play, Digital distribution, Retail, Other

Activity: Association / Trade organization

Category: Game PC, Game Mobile, Other services

Main platform: PC

Prefered genres: Casual, Serious

Main projects

Approche atomique du jeu vidéo : Briques Gameplay 3.0.

Sheep It Up! – Atari 2600


Vintage Game Shop


Julian Alvarez

Julian Alvarez

Rsearcher / Serious game designer
Damien Djaouti

Damien Djaouti

Researcher / Game designer