Helios Gaming

Helios Gaming is an ecosystem of esports composed of three entities: events, with its competition circuit, the management of high-level esports teams, and his school and training center esports.

éducation, formation, organisation, animation

Rue de l’Europe Bâtiment Imax 57360 AmnévilleGrand Est

Member of association / organization: N/A

Year of creation: 2016

Number of employees:  From 10 to 20 employees

Prefered business model: N/A

Activity:  E-sport

Category:Other services

Main platform: Other

Prefered genres: Action, FPS/TPS/shoot’em up, Adventure, Storytelling, RPG, Arcade / 2D, Platformer, Strategy, Management, Simulation, Sports/fighting, Racing/speedrun, VR/AR/XR, Puzzle, Casual, Serious, Not applicable

Main projects

Helios Gaming Festival


Blaesius Nathalie

Blaesius Nathalie

Communication manager