EISKO© specializes in photorealistic Digital Doubles and Digital Humans for movie productions (cinema, advertising, events) and interactive applications (video games, mobile, VR/AR).

Digital Doubles, Digital Humans, 3D Scanning, Rig

24 rue de l’Est 75020 Paris

Member of association / organization: N/A

Year of creation: 2014

Number of employees: From 10 to 20 employees

Prefered business model: N/A

Activity: Other Services

Category: Game VR /Other, Game Services Tools / Engine

Main platform: Console

Prefered genres: RPG, Simulation, VR/AR/XR

Main projects

Meet our Virtual Model Louise

Meet our Virtual Model Louise

Eisko’s precise Geometry

Eisko’s proprietary Capture System


Cédric Guiard

Cédric Guiard

CEO, founder/owner
Jade Marchand

Jade Marchand

Marketing and Communication Manager