Avalon Digital

Publisher and developper of strategy games for desktop and mobile platforms.

PC Mobile Strategy Boardgame Wargames Historical

91 Impasse du château d’Eau 42740 La Terrasse sur Dorlay

Member of association / organization: N/A

Year of creation: 2013

Number of employees: Less than 10 employees

Prefered business model: Digital distribution, Other

Activity: Development

Category: Game PC, Game Mobile, Game Services QA / Localization, Game Services Tools / Engine, Other services

Main platform: PC

Prefered genres: Strategy, Serious

Main projects

Jeu Wars Across the World PC/Mac iOS

Jeu Carrier Battles PC/Mac iOS


Stéphane Parrin

Stéphane Parrin

Philippe Thibaut

Philippe Thibaut

Executive Director